As members of a global community, we recognize that “No one is free until we all are free”
- Fannie Lou Hamer

We call upon cooperative economics to harness our collective buying power and uplift and liberate the Black community through economic empowerment.

By prioritizing Black merchants and businesses when shopping, we aim to redistribute wealth, reallocate power to the people, and secure our neighborhoods and our future by increasing economic stability within the Black community.

I pledge to:

Commit myself and my
resources to the advancement
of the Black community;

Recognize, utilize and patronize
the talent inherent in the
Black business community;

Shop Black whenever possible;

Spread awareness by encouraging
family and friends to explore
and shop Black-owned businesses.

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Black people are 50% less likely to receive a bank loan that our counterparts. And Black women receive less than 1% of venture funding even though they are starting businesses at rapid rates. Cash flow remains the number one hurdle in the success of a black business.
Let’s Change The Narrative