AJA Naturals

AJA Naturals


Botanically enhanced skin care products that are plant based, cruelty-free, and created with organic ingredients.

Just a few examples of what you will NOT find in our products:
🚫Artificial Fragrance

Our handmade products range from artisan soaps, body & facial scrubs, lotions, and Essential Oil Perfumes to complete skincare lines.

The mission of AJA Naturals is to show people (especially women of color) that you can feel sexy, smell amazing & pamper yourself WHILE catering to your well-being.
Often times, these things are looked upon as not being able to live in harmony.

Our founder, Aja, had a health scare that opened her eyes & showed her exactly how one can use “What Nature Provides” to care for themselves- Body, Mind & Spirit. This is the foundation from which AJA Naturals was born.

Aja wants to allow folks to learn from her mistakes, live healthier and use some amazing products while they’re at it. “