Kashmir Thompson is a bold new face in the art world. With a repertoire of black pop culture-inspired paintings and a massive social media following, Kashmir is creating her own lane and dominating it. A graduate of the Cleveland School of the Arts, Kashmir is a credentialed, creative and credible artist with a sharp focus on building a sustainable brand and taking it worldwide. She desires to continue to create art that inspires others and attracts art lovers everywhere.

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Inspire by Tyler LLC

Inspire by Tyler, is a 3D hair art brand that incorporates mixed media elements such as fabric, jewelry and hair into artwork. These multi-dimensional elements,


Colorfullxchange is a Philly-based, black female-owned hair, scalp and skin company that creates natural, small-batch products specifically made for those who suffer from Seborrheic Dermatitis

Uncle Bobbie’s Coffee & Books

Uncle Bobbie’s Coffee & Books is a Coffee Shop and Bookstore located in the heart of the Germantown section of Philadelphia. Founded by Marc Lamont