Drink Jinja

Drink Jinja

Like many great things the creation of Jin+Ja was an unintended surprise.

It was the summer of 2009 and I was having some friends over and wanted to make something special and thought a cocktail mixer that neutralized the nasty alcohol burn in the back of your throat would be fun. I thought a ginger simple syrup would do it and I was right! But it tasted all wrong :(. We had to make due with soda that night.

I did want to give it another try so I went back to the green grocer and got some fresh ginger, mint leaves and a couple of lemons. I cut the ginger up and let it boil, strained it and added the mint leaves and some sugar. After it cooled I squeezed a fresh lemon. It was perfect. It was better than perfect, it was amazing!! It was so good I drank the whole batch by itself. I added some ice and just enjoyed every sip.

The fresh lemon was so clean and sharp. The mint gave it a relaxing aroma and the ginger felt alive. The spiciness of it was so stimulating. It gave it a, “Wait, what was that?!? Whatever that was I WANT MORE!!” I was still reveling in the sensation when I looked down and noticed it was all gone 🙁

The “it was all gone” story is how most people describe their first Jin+Ja experience). I discovered that green tea gave it a smooth flow and cayenne pepper made it sparkle at the end like a carbonated soda and Jin+Ja as we know it was born (but not yet named).

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